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hutchinson Engine & gearbox mountings

Engine & gearbox mountings

Original parts supplier and world leader, Hutchinson offers an extended range of antivibration spare parts quality equivalent to OE.

Number of parts in the range: 1500
Part number example: 538198

hutchinson aftermarket Engine & gearbox mountings

HUTCHINSON, original part supplier and a leader in automotive antivibration technologies with its subsidiary PAULSTRA®, offers an extended range of more than 1000 antivibration parts available as spares:

- Wishbone arm bushings or suspension arms,

- Anti-roll bar bearing,

- Shock absorber stop/suspension mount,

Torque reaction link,

- Engine mounts,

Gearbox mounts,

- Exhaust hangers,

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HUTCHINSON PAULSTRA®, original antivibration technologies

hutchinson aftermarket Engine & gearbox mountings

From the first applications which simply combined metal and rubber (elastomer) for the engine suspended from Citroën's Traction Avant to the latest generations of hydraulic and electrical mounts for the latest BMW Series 5, HUTCHINSON PAULSTRA® has become world leader in automotive antivibration technologies.

As manufacturers' requirements change, Hutchinson has developed numerous, sometimes complex, antivibration solutions:

- bi-material solutions,

- active hydraulic systems (oil in closed circuit),

- electrically-controlled mounts,

The weight of the vehicle, the power of Diesel engines, the temperature in the engine environment, tearing strength, all parameters are taken into account in order to optimise each part. HUTCHINSON'S strength is in its ability to innovate, to carry out specific research and development, develop and manufacture each part with unique combinations of materials dedicated to each vehicle.

Security and comfort: driving with peace of mind

The so-called rubber-metal parts play an essential part in the anti-vibration system placing you, as a passenger in the vehicle, in a "rubber protection cell" filtering all the vibrations coming into the passenger compartment and providing you with maximum comfort and silence.

Moreover, they play an essential role in your safety. During crash tests, Euro-Ncap defines precise failure points for engine mounts depending on the violence of the accident, preventing the engine entering the passenger compartment while absorbing the shock. It is therefore essential to replace engine mounts with original quality parts from an equipment supplier like HUTCHINSON.


Lastly, anti-vibration components prevent the premature wear of sensitive components on the chassis (wishbone, shock absorber) or engine (universal joints, belts, exhaust manifold, steering rack, gearbox, etc.). It is important to regularly check and replace these parts to prolong the service life of these components.