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hutchinson Automotive aftermarket

Automotive aftermarket

As part of Hutchinson's equipment supplier activities, the Automotive Aftermarket department sells a complete range of original quality spare part.

Original part quality

hutchinson aftermarket Automotive aftermarket

Created in 2009, the Hutchinson Automotive Aftermarket offers a complete range of spare parts resulting from its skills as first-fit manufacturer. As a first-rank equipment supplier and partner of the main international automobile manufacturers, Hutchinson also supplies many independent spare parts distributors. Hutchinson Automotive Aftermarket has a complete range of original quality products to guarantee reliable repairs.

This range is divided into 4 major product families :

Belt transmissions: kits, distribution and accessories belts and rollers.

- Anti-vibration parts: engine supports, hinges, suspension mounts.

Fluid transfer: pipes, hoses.

- Sealing: rings, seals.

International and local logistics

Located in the industrial hub of the Hutchinson group in Montargis, France, the new Hutchinson Automotive Aftermarket logistics department delivers to all its distribution partners in France and abroad. With deliveries to more than a hundred countries, Hutchinson Automotive Aftermarket is strongly focused on the international market, while still ensuring a local service to its domestic market in France. With the installation of 8 local depots in the region, Hutchinson continues to offer quick service and improved parts availability to its distributors.

Are you interested in becoming a Hutchinson distribution partner?

If you are an automotive parts distributor and you wish to develop a partnership with Hutchinson Automotive Aftermarket, contact the sales team, who will coordinate your partnership with Hutchinson.

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