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Partner of all automobile manufacturers

hutchinson aftermarket Automotive technologies

Throughout the world, Hutchinson is the favoured partner of the major automobile manufacturers and is involved in the main vehicle functions, actively contributing to their safety, reliability and comfort. Whether it related to Sealing, Fluid transfer, vibration and acoustic insulation or transmission systems, Hutchinson has built a solid reputation of quality, recognised by all the major players in the sector.

System designer

In addition to supplying parts, Hutchinson has become known as a designer of complex systems. The development resources (more than € 125m investment in R&D), the quality of the teams and their experience have allowed the group to become a driving force in the field than automotive manufacturers can rely on.

Research and innovation as growth "engine"


Hutchinson is permanently searching for innovative technical solutions. Each question raised by a manufacturer or an automotive equipment supplier is seen as a new challenge to be met head-on. With access to significant development resources (especially digital simulation), the companies owned by Hutchinson are also able to benefit from the skills and expertise of the Montargis Research Centre in France. As a world leader in industrial rubber manufacturing, Hutchinson is currently using several alternative technologies: elastomer thermoplastics and metal parts (steel, aluminium, etc.).


Automotive innovations

Noiseless belt in EPDM

hutchinson aftermarket Automotive technologies

EPDM belts have exceptional durability, equal to or longer than the average operating lifetime of the vehicles on which they are used. Hutchinson has pioneered the POLY V® belt in automotive, and has developed a new POLY V® EPDM antinoise belt specially designed to eliminate noise nuisance. These noise nuisances are present particularly while the engine is starting, and their origin is the so-called stick-slip phenomenon.

Hydraulic dampening linear tensioners

hutchinson aftermarket Automotive technologies

For a number of years, Hutchinson has been using the technology of hydraulic dampening linear tensioners.  The patented hydraulic tensioner system was quickly adopted by the automobile manufacturers (PSA, FORD, FIAT).  

In the accessory drive system of a thermal engine (automobile, HGV, agricultural, marine, etc.), it is necessary to guarantee a minimum tension of the belt and to limit the effects of the latter's vibration and slipping. This is why is may be necessary to use automatic tensioners. This makes it possible to eliminate all types of harmful effects such as tolerance of shape and position of the accessories (pulleys, rollers...), the dynamic extension of the belt, the wearing of the belt, unevenness (cyclical irregularities of the engine) or transient phenomena (start-up/stopping of the engine).

The elastic STRETCHY BELT®

hutchinson aftermarket Automotive technologies

The tension of the belt is one of the most important functional characteristics in a transmission system. In order to guarantee a minimum operating tension, the most common method used is that of a tensioner (fixed or automatic). In 2000, Hutchinson was the first equipment supplier to install an elastic STRETCHY BELT® (on a FORD Focus).

The STRETCHY BELT® boasts a degree of elasticity that guarantees the correct tensioner without the need to add a tensioner. This technology results in major savings on the cost of the function and its spatial requirements (engine is more compact), as well as in a reduced weight of the entire system, which in turn has a positive effect on the vehicle's fuel consumption. The STRETCHY BELT® also has the ability of absorbing dynamic tension peaks related to unevenness (cyclical engine irregularities) and to the commissioning (or decommissioning) of accessories such as the alternator, the air-conditioning compressor, etc. This results in vibrations and therefore in the noise level of the system. 

 For spares, Hutchinson has registered a patent for its tool that can be adapted onto a crankshaft pulley for the replacement of this elastic belt.

Active anti-vibration disengagement

hutchinson aftermarket Automotive technologies

The anti-vibration suspensions are a compromise between the filtering of vibrations, which required flexibility, and keeping components suspended, which requires resistance to engine forces. Hutchinson has introduced electrical or pneumatic actuators within its engine supports in order to guarantee better absorption of vibrations and a better acoustic quality of the vehicle, while ensuring that this is maintained.

Its latest generation active supports are used on top-of-the-range vehicles (first application on BMW 5 series) and is gradually being used more by all manufacturers.


Multi-axed vibration disengagement

hutchinson aftermarket Automotive technologies

Made from bi-materials, the elastic Hutchinson Paulstra hinges guarantee an excellent ground link (road holding and vehicle behaviour) and optimal comfort (dampening of vibrations and noise). According to the orientation axis (vertical/horizontal), the composition and the materials of the hinges vary, a rigid elastomer ensures more support and a more flexible elastomer absorbs more in high frequencies.

Barrier films in the fuel and air-conditioning pipes

hutchinson aftermarket Automotive technologies

Elastomer-based pipes have incomparable flexibility. Nevertheless, theses are permeable to gasses, especially petrol fumes or coolant liquid in the vehicle air-conditioning systems. To address this issue, Hutchinson has developed pipes with thermoplastic films that act as "barrier" layers and prevent the effusion of the gasses.


hutchinson aftermarket Automotive technologies

The commitment to reduce the CO2/km emission by European manufacturers calls for new products to improve the thermodynamics of the engines. However, this trend cannot be realised without economic, quality and comfort implications. In order to respond to this trend, Hutchinson has already developed a composite uncoupler for exhaust lines or high temperature lines whose anti-vibration and insulation potential is without equal.

Mecatronics of the magnetic measurement systems

hutchinson aftermarket Automotive technologies

Hutchinson Paulstra is developing magnetic coding systems based on charged polymers, used for measuring speed, travel or position. These products can be used for linear measurement or in rotation with regards to exposed or contained applications: coding seal for ABS, for example. Their characteristics give them a significant advantage in terms of thermal, chemical (aggressive fluids) and mechanical (shocks, accelerations, vibrations) resistance, as well as a high level of precision and reliability.

Quick connections for low pressure fluid transfer systems

hutchinson aftermarket Automotive technologies

The AUTOCLIP quick connections ranges are used in coolant, fuel, air intake and depollution vehicle fluid transfer systems. They simplify assembly for manufacturers and save a lot of time during vehicle manufacturing.