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hutchinson Crankshaft pulleys

Crankshaft pulleys

Extensive range of shock-absorbing pulleys for crankshafts: Hutchinson expertise expressed in rubber and metal.

Number of references in range: 105
Reference example: DP016

Shock-absorbing pulleys for crankshafts

hutchinson aftermarket Crankshaft pulleys

Shock-absorbing pulleys for crankshafts – also known as crankshaft pulleys or damper pulleys (DP) – absorb the vibrations of the engine shaft and avoid them spreading to the auxiliary components via the Poly V® accessory belt Located at the crankshaft exit, they provide protection from the jolts of acceleration-startup and engine vibrations for the most sensitive accessories: the water pump, power steering, alternator and compressor. With urban use, successive start-ups, the generalisation of Diesel engines with a higher torque (Tdi, Hdi, TDCi, Dti…), damper pulleys are subject to major constraints and gradual wear.

Choose Hutchinson quality, experts in high-grade anti-vibration systems

Damper pulleys are made up of a complex rubber-metal assembly that meets the demanding technical specifications of car manufacturers: vibration-absorbing properties and weight, balancing and lifetime specifications. Hutchinson expertise in anti-vibration parts is recognised worldwide and has enable the development of an extensive range of shock-absorbing pulleys for crankshafts. Hutchinson guarantees the best equivalent quality at origin by developing, testing and balancing each of the pulleys produced. The life of an engine may be shortened if the crankshaft pulley is poor quality.

Watch out for lowcost pulleys!

hutchinson aftermarket Crankshaft pulleys


In the market, there are numerous copies that do not meet the manufacturers' stringent specifications. These copies may lead to a risk in terms of safety and engine lifetime. As in the images opposite, there are:

- Full metal pulleys: the rubber is only there for the sake of appearance on the outside (does not absorb the engine vibrations). Their weight exceeds the original specifications: the excess weight of the pulley inevitably leads to premature wear of the crankshaft bearings and the system of accessories (belts and rollers).

- Hollow pulleys: they do not perform any role of absorbing twisting and vibration of the crankshaft and lead to premature wear of the accessory belt. Discomfort, vibrations, failure and even breakage are all threats to your vehicle.

Balanced pulleys = safety

There are also unbalanced pulleys on the market: balancing of the damper pulley is essential for its correct operation. During manufacture, the steel or cast iron must be evenly distributed and balanced or there is a risk of the pulley swinging and leading to failure of the crankshaft flange and wear of the peripheral parts. Balancing requires extremely expensive machines (more than €100,000) which a certain copier cannot have available. Hutchinson balances each of its damper pulleys thus guaranteeing quality equivalent to the original.