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Radiator hoses

Leading equipment supplier in engine fluid transfer systems.

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World expert in engine fluid transfer

First-fit supplier to numerous automotive manufacturers, Hutchinson is today recognised as a leading world expert on engine cooling system hose solutions. Controlling design and manufacture, Hutchinson uses state-of-the-art technology due to its digital calculation capacity and its expert knowledge of fluid mechanics, and benefits from its significant mastery of plastic, silicone, metal and rubber materials that are used in these increasingly complex parts. Hutchinson became the market leader with easy and reliable solutions for manufacturers with extensive ranges of quick-release and click-on connections.

Radiator connection

In terms of automotive spare parts, Hutchinson offers access to first-fit parts for the replacement of radiator inlet and outlet hoses, parts used for the circulation of cooling liquid. The lifespan of the hoses is close to that of the vehicle, however, some hoses are subjected to natural or accidental wear (frontal impact, projection, leak, etc.).
The Hutchinson spare parts range is currently available, so don't hesitate to request the required parts from the sales department.