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hutchinson Timing belt tensioners

Timing belt tensioners

An extended range of very high technical quality tensioner and take-up rollers for the timing system.

Number of parts in the range: 406
Examples of part numbers: HTG 49 / HEG 50

High quality Hutchinson timing tensioners

hutchinson aftermarket Timing belt tensioners

Hutchinson has developed a complete range of tensioners of equivalent quality to the original parts and available as automotive spares: idlers and automatic or so-called fixed tensioners. From the design stage, Hutchinson has incorporated reinforced internal structures. Hutchinson has thus improved the quality of the tensioners complying with, indeed exceeding, the original manufacturers' specifications. Besides choosing high-quality bearings, Hutchinson has designed rollers with double internal bearing rows, insulated from one another thus ensuring a long service life and reliable operation.

Hutchinson has drawn on its know-how as a first-fit equipment supplier using performance research centres and unique development capacities. In an engine test bed, all our tensioners have been subjected to the stresses encountered in real or extreme simulated situations. Hutchinson's very high performance rollers enable you to replace the timing system in total safety.


An essential role in the timing belt system


The drive kinematics of synchronous belts have evolved with the development of new, ever more compact and powerful engines. Subject to high stresses, the timing tensioners must meet ever more stringent specifications from the manufacturers: resistance to high temperatures, fitting tension, uneven rotation of drive systems, extended service life of components. Each tensioner has a important role in the kinematic system:

- The idler: subject to high stresses, its job is to guide the belt to maintain alignment.

- Automatic tensioner: through its internal structure comprising a spring under tension, it maintains pressure on the belt and thus adapts dynamically to the accelerations and decelerations of the engine. The belt remains tensioned and can transmit all its power.

The service life of the distribution rollers is directly linked to that of the timing belt and can vary from 60,000km to 240,000km for certain recent installations. They must therefore be replaced at the same time in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations.