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hutchinson Top mount kits

Top mount kits

An extended range of suspension kits or strut mount kits with quality equivalent to original.

Number of parts in the range: 223
Part number example: KS 060

Hutchinson top mount kits

hutchinson aftermarket Top mount kits

World leader in antivibration systems and specialist in automotive rubber, Hutchinson supplies a number of manufacturers with shock absorber baseplates. As the bearing is not always incorporated into the original moulded part, Hutchinson has developed an extended range of suspension kits, an ideal solution for completely replacing the end stop system. This range covers replacements over McPherson or double wishbone type suspensions and over rear suspensions where the bearing is often incorporated into the mount.
Hutchinson suspension kits generally contain:

- a single bearing which may or may not be built into the filtering unit

- a silent block known as the shock absorber baseplate

- a set of bolts, nuts and washers.

In addition, Hutchinson supplies a protection kit comprising a thermoplastic dust cover and its polyurethane bumper.

Comfort and safety

Hutchinson is a technology leader and pioneer in anti-vibration systems. A first rank equipment supplier, Hutchinson brings all its automotive spares know-how to vibration insulation technology. An essential component, the rubber silent block or shock absorber baseplate provides the connection between the shock absorber system and the chassis structure itself. It forms the last defence against high frequency vibrations from the road. A defective baseplate (rubber crushed) automatically leads to a loss of comfort with vibrations in the steering wheel or in the dashboard and parasitic noises along with risks to road holding and passenger safety, less precise steering, premature wear of tyres or shock absorbers.

Wear in the bearing also causes loss of steering precision and driving comfort with harder and noisier steering.

It is important to think of the suspension as a complete system operating dynamically and in a coordinated manner. A worn component which is not replaced could cause the premature wear of a neighbouring component. Thus you should think of the shock absorber, suspension kit and protection kit as inextricably linked to be checked and replaced at the same time to ensure safety, precision and driving comfort.