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Oil seals

Hutchinson precision sealing between engine and gearbox.

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Oil seals


With 19 production sites around the world and an industrial and technological expertise recognised by all automotive manufacturers, Hutchinson makes its range of first-fit quality sealing rings available to you as automotive spares. For many years, Hutchinson, the leader in precision sealing, has been supplying automotive manufacturers with the following first fit parts:


·         Cam shaft rings


·         Crankshaft rings


·         Universal joint rings


·         Gearbox rings


·         O-rings


·         Engine plugs


·         Coded seals for ABS wheel drives


Hutchinson offers a full range of replacement rings covering all profiles and all dimensions and has supplemented its transmission package with a full range of oil seals kits (KB part numbers) for all light vehicles.


A high-technology part


The characteristics of oil seals are specific to each application. The lip profile, type of mix, spring, inside or outside diameter and depth of the groove vary to ensure perfect sealing in all environments and in all climates. The seals have to withstand strong thermal amplitudes as well as the corrosiveness of oils and fuels. Certain materials, such as EPDM are not recommended for use in contact with petroleum products. Furthermore, the high temperatures found in the engine environment change the properties of rubber (hardness, volume). These variations must be anticipated by adjusting the mix (NBR, ACM, FPM, etc.).


Ring types

  • The O-Ring

The O-ring is a circular ring with a round cross-section. This is the simplest sealing system which combines maximum efficiency, symmetry (thus avoiding installation errors), and static or dynamic use. It is simple to fit into grooves which are easy to machine and is suited to the smallest overall dimensions. A simple and universal sealing solution, the O-Ring is used anywhere a liquid or gas fluid is present.

  • JF4® rings

Circular seal with 4-lobe cross section, this offers the same advantages as the O-Ring in terms of overall dimensions, symmetry and fitting. Particularly suited to dynamic applications, it has the following additional advantages: low distortion force, the presence of lubricant between the lobes and low wear.

  • BS rings

Metallic ring with rectangular cross-section inside which is vulcanised a rubber ring with a classic V-Belt cross-section. The BS ring is particularly suited to sealing under screw and bolt heads up to very high pressures. It has the advantage of being removable and reusable and of not falling during handling due to the centring membrane which holds it in place. In addition, this centring lip enables the ring to be correctly positioned during installation.