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Brake hoses

Safety and reliability: the Hutchinson range of original quality brake hoses.

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A safety component

Present in all braking systems, the brake hose plays an essential role. It transfers the brake fluid in complete safety and at high pressure to the brake callipers. While the pipes in the braking system are generally made of steel, the brake hose has, by its very nature, to be flexible to adapt to the movements of the front and rear suspensions. As such, it is subject to a number of twisting and climatic wear stresses.

A safety-critical part, the brake hose must be regularly checked and may result in an MOT failure.

A flexible and 100% leak-proof structure

The hydraulic brake pipe generally comprises a pipe made of rubber and reinforced with synthetic fibres and a plastic layer and, depending on options, intermediate couplings, fixing flanges and rubber protection. The rubber provides all the flexibility and leaktightness of the pipe.

Hutchinson, leader in high-pressure pipes

All Hutchinson's knowledge and expertise in rubber, product development and assembling rubber and metal parts goes into their brake hoses.

Our brake hoses meet the requirements of numerous manufacturers who use us for their first-fit components. Hutchinson does not compromise on the quality and reliability of safety components.

Technical advantages of the Hutchinson range

  • Original component quality
  • Flexibility, reliability and longevity
  • Good temperature resistance (from -57°C to +160°C)
  • Excellent dynamic behaviour
  • Good volumetric expansion
  • Good pressure resistance (>900 bars)