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hutchinson Poly V® tensioners

Poly V® tensioners

Hutchinson designs and manufactures Poly V® accessory tensioners for HGV manufacturers and offers an accessible spare parts range.

Number of parts in the range: 56
Part number example: T3049

Bus and HGV manufacturers partner

HUTCHINSON, the European leader of the Poly V® belt, first fit team for engines from numerous HGV and bus manufacturers: Iribus, MAN, MERCEDES-BENZ ACTROS, IVECO, RENAULT RVI, SCANIA, VOLVO. The truck and bus accessory belts require permanently maintained tension which, given their drive kinetics and their size (some more than 4 meters), requires a reliable reinforced tensioners system.

Original Hutchinson technology: hydraulic tensioner

hutchinson aftermarket Poly V® tensioners

The technology of the linear hydraulic dampening tensioners was developed exclusively by HUTCHINSON Transmission and has been patented. Widely used in first-fit applications, this technology makes it possible to attain significant levels of shock absorption for the most severe cases of application, especially on large truck engines.

They have a vital role of ensuring a maximum absorption of uneven rotations of the Poly V® belt, thereby protecting the peripheral units such as the alternator pulley, the water pump or the crankshaft pulley against the vibrations of the accessories belt.
With an unrivalled level of shock absorption, the hydraulic dampening tensioner rollers reduce a lot of vibrations at low speed, during transient phases (such as start-up and stopping) and thereby saves on several other solutions. It also ensures significant longevity.

Truck and bus spare parts range

Hutchinson Automotive Spares gives you access to its first-fit technologies in spare parts and to a targeted range of hydraulic tensioners for repairing truck and bus accessory systems. Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team for more information.