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Fuel hoses

High quality hoses for fuel and other uses.

Number of parts in the range: 29
Part number example: XTBA 03 (ALIZE)

Automobile fuel and multi-purpose hoses

First-fit supplier to numerous automotive manufacturers, Hutchinson is today recognised as a leading world expert on automotive fluid transfer solutions. Controlling design and manufacture, Hutchinson uses state-of-the-art technology and benefits from its expertise in elastomer components.

For automotive spares, Hutchinson markets a range specifically intended to replace fuel supply hoses (petrol, diesel, lead-free petrol) and hoses for special uses (windscreen washers, air, water, petroleum):

- ALIZE (DIN73379 type2A): for transferring all types of fuel: diesel and green diester type mixes, petrol and green ethanol type mixes, water and glycol mixes, oil (ASTM3 standard), windscreen cleaning products.

HNBR (STE B 215540): for high pressure diesel common rail systems.

CARBURAIGLE SP (SAE 30 R6/30): for all fuels, lead-free and additives: SP95, SP98, Super, E85.

CRISTALAIGLE: hose for multiple non-pressurised uses (petrol, air, water).

GONFLAIGLE BLEU: compressed air pipe for industry, garages and service stations.

Hutchinson fuel hoses are sold on the reel. A reel-holder display unit is provided to distributors.

Ultra-resistant structure

The structure of a hose is generally made up of three distinct elements fulfilling essential functions:

- The tube: in direct contact with the fluids being carried, the tube must be made of appropriate chemical elements (specific elastomers: NR, SBR, Polybutadiene, EPDM, HNBR, Neoprene…) guaranteeing appropriate leak resistance and strength.

The stiffener or reinforcement: in fabric or wire (cotton, polyester, Kevlar, glass, etc.), the stiffener is intended to keep the hose in its general cylindrical shape despite the mechanical stresses and pressures to which it is subject. It is important to comply with the tolerance angles of the radius of curvature to avoid crushing the pipe and causing premature wear.

The covering: the external part of the hose, the covering does not just play an aesthetic role, quite the contrary: Besides holding the stiffener, it protects the pipe against external stresses: extreme temperatures, abrasion, ozone, adverse weather conditions, spatter from various sources.