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V belts

Efficient and highly resistant, a complete range of Hutchinson V belts for automotive.

Number of references in range: 138
Reference example: AV 10 LA 710

The first generation accessory belt

Hutchinson markets a complete range of trapezoidal transmission belts - also known as V belts – for automobile applications.

Since its appearance in the early 20th century, this belt profile has gradually replaced flat belts in engine power transmission systems. Their trapezoidal shape makes it possible for the belts to fit perfectly around the curve radius of the pulleys that they drive and to have a larger contact surface (2 sides of the V) than flat belts. This V profile therefore allows better transmission of the traction force and has the particular advantage of avoiding the belt slipping on the pulley. The other advantage of the trapezoidal belt lies in its mechanical properties,
 which do not need such a high fitting tension as a Poly V® accessory belt where a roller known as a tensioner is necessary to maintain the tension and absorption of cycle irregularities.

Since 2000, V belt technology has been in decline with manufacturers and since the invention by Hutchinson of the Poly V® accessory belt for automobiles that can drive many more peripheral parts that have gradually become generalised (air conditioning, power steering, compressor). Nonetheless, the trapezoidal belt continues to be very popular in the automotive replacement parts market and Hutchinson gives professional repair mechanics a full range for replacement of these belts.

Ultra-resistant Hutchinson trapezoidal belt

Highly resistant, the Hutchinson trapezoidal belt is made up of an assembly of several composite layers of elastomers, fabric and highly resistant synthetic cables.

The back, which is the visible and widest part of the trapezoidal belt, is made up of a mixture of fabrics and rubber which guarantees the flexibility and maintenance of the cable. Inside, the trapezoidal belt is made up of synthetic cables fitted into the rubber to combine flexibility with resistance. AV type Hutchinson trapezoidal belts are crimped belts. The width of the teeth is naturally narrower (V section) and allows the belt to be adapted to the smallest pulleys with a higher curve radius and narrower grooves. This V profile of the teeth improves adherence through a maximum contact surface.